Time for a Reality Check: What AI Really Can't Do for Software Development 🤖❌

We're debunking AI myths in software development. Join us as we dissect and discard some of the most outlandish predictions.

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  • Cringe AI takes

  • What Mark Zuckerberg thinks about Apple’s Vision Pro

  • Reviving an abandoned AI project to achieve $300,000 in gross bookings within 90 days

Let's start off this week by talking about what AI will NOT do for Software Development

A lot of people are talking about what AI will do for software development. The discourse is rife with predictions that range from insightful to downright ludicrous. So we've got a doozy for you today - a round-up of some of the most fantastical, cringe-inducing predictions about AI in software development.

Ready? Let's dive in👇

To some bean counter MBA this prediction may make a lot of sense, but to any software developer they know the following:

  1. It is pretty established that lines of code written is not a viable metric for measuring developer effectiveness / efficiency

  2. There is a lot more to being a software developer than just writing code

When you forget that with most tools you need to upgrade to paid tiers for full functionality👇

While it is now easier than ever to build and sell software, you can’t do it for free 🤡

Those were the two cringe takes we found to be the funniest, what’s yours? Let us know by responding to this email or via twitter.

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